Tantra Joy

Tantra Massage Seattle

You will be allowed the fullest expression of your energy of pleasure.

I will pamper and encourage you.

You can have a little guidance from me to breathe and move and tell me more about what pleases and excites you.

You can increase your sensitivity. When you are more sensitive, you can feel more and achieve more lasting excitement in your body.

This can help with prolonging your performance.

How to contact Tantra Massage Seattle:


or by Skype: joy.punya

Then I will get in touch with you to set a time to make a call. I do telephone sessions and some in person sessions.

I really need to hear your voice and have at least a 7 minute informational call. You will appreciate my honesty. What I do is very unique and I don't say "yes" to every caller. 

These are my new Kindle e-Books

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You can a lot more information about me by going to TantraBody.com